Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I just posted two entries that I wrote out last month that I had saved on my computer. I got a 2 gig usb flash drive cruiser today, so I was able to transfer those two word doc's over to this computer that has internet.
Sooooo, I am really behind. Just go to my Mom's blog to catch up on everything. I'm not going to blog about it all. Good golly, the last two months were so full.

I think I posted my calendar below this entry. I gotta run. I'm already bored of blogging. Not my favorite thing to do.

Jess, I absolutely CAN NOT wait to see you!!!! Like Mom said, under NO circumstance can you cancel. :-D BTW, I didn't finish my shepherds pie.


Blog Written 6-something-08

From IgCarrashi back to Igarashi

From Monday to yesterday (Friday) I was in SC helping some awesome friends, the Carr’s, finish packing up and loading the moving truck.
The drive to their house from ours is 3 hours long. So Mom and Coie drove me to Starbucks, Ashville. :-P The Carr’s picked me up from there. The drive with them seemed much shorter than the drive to Starbucks. We talked about lots of things that I like talking about (such as sports, like rock climbing).
I think we got to their house around 5 or something. I can’t remember. Maybe it was earlier. We had pizza for dinner and we talked about the different ways our family members sneeze. Don’t ask me how that started. But I showed them my sneeze and I pulled a muscle just below my right rib. Great. Just what I need. I pulled muscle two days before lifting heavy furniture. Lucky for me, it pretty much went away before Uncle Richard (oh, did I tell you that we’re related somehow?) and I had to move the furniture (praise God! That would have been extremely difficult for me with a sharp pain in my side whenever I bent over or picked something up).

It was sort of hard loading up all the furniture because it was 96 degrees all day and I sweat like a, um…something that sweats constantly. Aunt Shay gave me a water bottle that was twice as long as a normal W.B. and I’m supposed to get at least 2 of those everyday. The day we loaded everything I drank 4 and a half of those. I asked her if I got any credit for that and she gave me 2,000,004 points for that. I only went to the little-room 3 times that day which means I sweat it all out. Either that or pants just weren’t sweaty. :-P
Oh, and to make things harder, the drive way is above the house so we had to carry the stuff uphill to the truck. We certainly got quite a work out.
We didn’t have anything go wrong (like dropping the furniture) until after I noted that everything was going very well and how I was surprised that I didn’t break anything. And then we both lifted a heavy chest right in the middle of each side so it tipped and we nearly dropped it. Uncle Richard caught it with his arm and I caught it with my leg. So it didn’t hit the ground. Something always goes wrong right after I note that everything is going well. Another thing happened, but it would take too long to type out. But Aunt Shay nearly died laughing over it.
Oh, actually, it took a day and a half to get all the furniture out. The next day was also 96. And when we finished all the work and loading, the next day we got to go swimming. That day the temperature dropped to 90 or 92. That just isn’t right.

While I was there we went to a restaurant called Wades (I had never been there before) and that was really yummy. I wish we had one of those here in TN. And as usual, the waiter was on my head while taking our orders. I don’t know what it is, but I ALWAYS get the waiter behind me. Oh, and if there’s a 4 year old, he/she ALWAYS sits in the next chair on my left. And that happened, too. Martha Bryan sat to my left (I kept on almost calling her Johanna the entire time I was there). What’s up with that? After that we went and got ice cream. While we were enjoying that, Uncle Richard told me a blonde joke that is *SO* funny to me. Had anyone else told it to me I don’t think it would have been as funny, but the way he told it just about killed me. And I was still laughing about it 5 minutes later. And then we finished our ice cream and got in the car and I was thinking about that and I just started laughing out loud (I do that a lot-laugh at my own thoughts). It was the joke about the bus driver who lost his voice. I can’t write it down; I’d have to act it out for you.

Another evening we went to a Mexican restaurant called Bronco’s. I had never been there before either and Mr. and Mrs. Carr were telling me about it and they said that when get back from the restaurant you smell like Bronco’s and you go “mmmmm, Bronco’s” and you smell your hair and you go “yummmmmmmm, Bronco’s” and then a couple hours later your stomach goes “oooooh, Bronco’s” (I’m literally laughing out loud right now just remembering uncle Richard acting that out for me). He’s too funny.

I have *LOTS* I mean *TONS* more to say about my time there. But I have to get off now. I’ll write out a part 2 later. They are a very funny family and I’ve got a bunch of stories to tell. But I don’t have time right now. I also learned lots of stuff I’d like to share with you. And I also learned stuff like ‘Southern Terms’ such as “Bless your heart”.

I LOVE the Carr’s. They’re just all around cool. I miss them. But I get to see them again in August because they’re dropping off the TAN SUBURBAN!!!!!!!!! By golly I’m overly excited about that! That is so totally MINE when I get my driving permit. I claimed it first. So it’s only fair that I own it. :-P
I need to get off in five minutes; I’ll use that time to tell one more story.
When we went to Starbucks to drop me off, we went in and ordered some SB drinks. The half of my family that came was outside sitting with Aunt Shay and Little Richard and Emery. Uncle Richard, Martha Bryan and I waited inside for the drinks. The SB lady put one of the drinks on the counter and we didn’t pick it up right away, we just stood there and waited for the rest. And then Uncle Richard went to go open the door for Martha Bryan. So I was the only one standing there and an older guy came over and took the drink. And since I wasn’t positive that that was our drink, I didn’t say anything to him. He went and sat down. When Uncle Richard came back I quietly asked him if that guy over there had taken his drink. He didn’t even notice as first that it was missing. He turned around and goes “Oh!” and he went over to the guy and asked for it back. He didn’t do anything to it; he just put the straw in it. So they guy followed him back to the ‘waiting’ counter and kept apologizing and trying to explain how he had gotten it confused with his drink. The guy seemed embarrassed and Uncle R’s way of taking off the load of embarrassment was saying “No, that’s totally ok! But thanks for putting the straw in it!”

That took longer than I thought it would. And you probably don’t think it’s as funny as I do, but that’s ok.

Blog Entry written 6-6-08

So, you know how I like to be busy. But what I call ‘busy’ for me I don’t really consider busy. ‘Busy’ for me really just means ‘having lots of fun things to do in a shorter amount of time’ or ‘being social’. I am going to give a list some of my things that was done/will be done (Lord willing) like I said I would do in the last post—but I won’t get it all. This is what we would consider ‘being busy’ (having fun):
5-Drive up to Virginia for Ortho Appt. (gone for 3 and a half hours)
18-20- At the Riser’s house
22-24-Baby-sit & prepare for Preston’s stay with us
25-31-Preston’s with us (as well as baby-sitting in between)
1-Go to Church (going to Church literally takes up over half of our Sunday—no, the service doesn’t really go on the long-I really wish it would, I’m serious, I would love that-it’s the 3 hours of driving that takes up most of it)-help in the nursery & have several families (over 30 kids) over to try out the zipline. (That was a busy Sunday so I counted it)
2-Preston’s with us
3-Preston’s depart
9-13-At the Carr’s house helping pack
Prepare for Grandpa’s visit somewhere in here
20-23-Grandpa from AK visit
Prepare for Calhoun’s visit somewhere in here
2-3-Fletchers visit
4-6-Calhoun’s visit
7-Go to Virginia to get off braces
17-Go to Virginia to pick up retainer

That’s what’s on my calendar SO FAR. I’m hoping it’ll fill in some more. And I also might go to the Butcher’s house again to baby-sit for them sometime this month. I would be staying at the Riser’s June 12-13 to help out with the BYBC (back-yard bible club) but my Mom didn’t want to pack in more stuff on my calendar.
So would you call that busy? What’s normal? I just LOVED May. And this month is going to be fun. But it looks like July is going to slow down. Oh! And we’ve got plans for August, too. The Carr’s are going to stay with us for some time.

I’m really excited about going to SC next week. I haven’t seen the Carr’s for over a year. I’m going to have tons of fun. I’m going to stay with them for 3 days-which will make me an IgCarrashi.
They said that we would go horseback riding while I’m there and I haven’t done that since I was, um, hmmm, 7? I was pretty little. And I love horses (see the picture of the horse up there at the top?). The drive to SC is, I think, 3 hours. So Mom and Coie are going to drive me to Ashville (half-way) and meet Mrs. Carr at STARBUCKS (anybody like Carmel Frappaccino’s?)! And she’ll take me from there to her house. Just thought I’d let you know that our meeting place is Starbucks ‘cause I like that place.

Change of subject…I’m getting my braces off next month. I would think I’d be more excited about it, but I really don’t care (it’s actually kind of fun having colorful teeth-lol). In fact, it’s going to be kinda sad because all of my friends have braces. And it’s not much of a difference as far as the food I’m allowed to eat because I eat anything whether it’s on my ‘Don’t Eat’ list or not. I’m just a little more careful. Oh! That reminds me, I had a weird dream: For some reason my teeth started going back to the way they were even with my braces on. And then I realized I had a loose tooth. The next day my tooth came off but it was attached to my braces so I just had it hanging there and I was able to slide it back and forth on the wire. It was driving me nuts. And the worst part was that I had to deal with it until my next ortho appt. which wouldn’t be for another month.

My dream went on, but I can’t remember it all. I’m not sure where that dream came from. Certainly not from the tooth fairy…

Mom and Coie are in IL right now at a convention. They get to meet the Masloske’s (their daughter, Angela, owns the Godly Girls mag that I write for) while they’re up there. I REALLY want to meet them. Angela and I have become pretty good phone pals. I have learned that we have a lot in common. We are a LOT alike. And we think a lot alike. I almost think our brains are somehow connected. One time I REALLY wanted to call her, but I thought “No, I’ll just leave her alone because I just called her last week” and later that day she called me. And I told her about that and then she said I did the exact same thing to her. She wanted to call me but decided to leave me alone because she had just called me the week before and I ended up calling her that same day. See what I mean? Weird, I know. But it’s really cool.

Alrighty, I’ll see if I can post this on Sunday or Monday before I leave. If I can’t then I probably won’t be able to for a while because we’ll be ‘busy’. I can’t post it now because I stay off the internet while Mom, Dad, and Coie are all gone in case they need to call me (we’re on dial-up). I guess I could call Mom and ask if I could post it now, I’ve never asked to get online while they’re gone. Nah, never mind. I’ll just wait.

Until a break from the ‘business’,
P.S. Next post I’ll tell you guys about the Preston’s stay with us and about the zipline and stuff…that’s going to be a LONG post…