Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm going home tomorrow! I'm excited, but I'm also really sad because there are some people at my Grandma's church who I REALLY like and it'll be sad leaving them. Last night was probably the last time I'll get to see my new friends for a long time. When I was giving a hug to the one lady who got creamed (see previous post) I got this close to losing it. I was REALLY sad. I'll get to see them again someday. :-)

Okay, so, we take off tomorrow before 6am and we'll head for TN. Can't wait to see my family! I miss them tons.

Hmmm. I s'pose I don't got nothin' else to say. I was just bored so I blogged. But I hate blogging, so of all things, why'd I choose to blog?

Mrs. M, if you happen to be reading my blog: "I miss you! and I hope to see you again REALLY soon!" :-D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Okay every peoples, I'm back

I had forgotten my password, but I was too lazy to fix it until now. So, here I am, and I'm gonna post a video if I can of the whipped cream prank from last night...This is Mrs. M after getting creamed with whipped cream on a plate.

Here's the video.

I wasn't apart of the prank, but I knew it was going to happen and I didn't tell Mrs. M.

So, the lady that got creamed wanted to get back the two girls who did that to her. It just so happens that Miss T had to go pick up some pizzas and those girls (I won't give their names, but I'll just call them Kelly and Lydia here because they look like my two friends: Kelly and Lydia) had to go with her. We wanted Mrs. M to hide in the back of the car while I sat in front and Kelly and Lydia in the back and when the girls got in Mrs. M would scare them. BUT, there was a problem. Miss T's vehicle was a car, and she'd have to be in the trunk. So I suggested that we take Grandma's Jeep. So I went and got the keys and Mrs. M and I secretly ran out to the Jeep and she jumped in the back and hid under my coat and I ran back to Miss T and finally the four of us, Kelly, Lydia, me, and Miss T all walked out together. Miss T and I got in the front and they got in the back. So while we were on the way to the pizza place, Miss T and I made up a story about a guy on the news who just killed a family in a parking lot and was on the loose in this area. So they were freaked out. And also, Mrs. M wanted the whole story, but couldn't get it because everyone kept lying, so I said "Lydia, you were the mastermind of this whole thing, right?" and she was all proud "Yup" and we went on and got the whole story unraveled and Mrs. M heard the WHOLE truth because Lydia and Kelly had no idea she was in the back!

Finally, we got to the pizza place and Miss T and I were gonna leave Lydia and Kelly in the Jeep alone. They were scared because they believed that there really was a bad guy on the loose killing people. And when we were getting out, Mrs. M jumped out from the back and just about scared the life out of them! They. Looked. T.E.R.R.I.F.I.E.D.!!! It was the funniest thing.

And that's my story. I may have left some things out, so if you've got any questions, just ask.

By the way, a buncho people left comments in my last post saying I've been awarded and stuff. Sorry I never got to that. I don't like to blog, so I'm not on here very often. :-D

Sorry you can't see the video, Mom. I'll show you when I get home. :-)