Saturday, February 28, 2009


While I was in bathroom just finishing brushing my teeth I hear a knock in the door:

“Ryann, I have a s’prise for you!!!”

Me: “Uh, okay, hang on, James”

I delayed a moment. I opened the door to find James about five steps away. He turned around and grinned really big, “see, Honey, it’s right there.” And pointed to my ‘surprise’ which he had set right in front of the bathroom door: A cookie.

In fact, it was one of the cookies that someone had made for my birthday, so it was mine anyway.

(Big grin) “THANKS JAMES!!!”

“You’re welcome!” and then he walked away SO glad with himself that he had made someone’s day.

I’m FREEZING (not literally). But I’m enjoying a frozen smoothie despite my freezingness.

I have a feeling that March will be a fun and busy month. Feb was busy. We had our Aunt and Uncle over and I’m not even going to START with what they did for us. It’s overwhelming. They are so generous.

I’m off to study Biology. Love that subject ( I just saw a picture in my Biology workbook of a close up on a thumb pin and was so grossed out upon seeing all the little bacteria on it and I don’t know if I wanna finish my smoothie). I am amazed with my Creator each time I read my Biology. He really is incredible!


Katie said...

i love biology too! have you done any dissecting yet?


- said...

!!! BEANS !!!

the mama loves you

Annemarie said...

I am going to talk to you tomorrow about our book reading thing. OK?
~Auntie Spiffy

Akprestons said...

aww. I miss James SO MUCH. oh, and you too. ;)

Unknown said...

Cool - you blerged. Now you need to post some new pics! Let me know if you'd like me to think of other things for you to do.

Akprestons said...

I think this is most boring blog in the world. You probably like to climb chimneys more than blog - or some other lame excuse. Go milk a goat.

Tessa S. said...


Darn-it Keith! You need to post again! It's been 4 whole long months--time for a new post.

BTW, why are you ignoring all my emer addys?? You are so rude.

I'm leaving to go get myself some onion/oatmeal/green olive bread. Want to come up for a snack?

I love you, Rye Bread (even though you don't appear to love me anymore.)

Love, Tessloopianadoodledae

Tessa D. Silvas said...

Rye Bread, you've GOT to start blogging again!

Susan said...


WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO POST??? Well, not that I care because I never look at your blog anyways. huh.


BTW, I think I'm using my mom's account.